Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upcoming event in this Summer

We have Three upcoming events in this summer.

  • August 17th-20th, Youth class Aikido Summer Camp (More information will be provided by Vic).          
  • If you are interested in attending, contact by August 4th.
  • Camp will take place in Pittsford.                
  • Those attending should arrive after 8am and be picked up by 5pm. 
  • Children should bring Lunch and snacks.
  • Activities will include Aikido, Japanese sword, yoga and games.
  • Children will be supervised by Vic Williams and Two other instructors.
  • Cost $120 for all four days or $35 per day.
     (Pictures from Youth class in 2010)
    • Sunday August 15th, Kyu Testing and BBQ at Rochester Phoenix Aikido Club. Bob Poresky sensei will be in Class. (More information will be provided by Vic).   

      •  Saturday August 21th, Outside weapon training and BBQ at lake (Check in with Tom if you are interested in attending.).  
       (Pictures from Weapon training in 2009)

          Wednesday, July 28, 2010


          Keeping the mind like a tied-up cat and not allowing it to wander, when you keep it in check within yourself, within yourself it will be detained. Forsaking it within your body, it will go nowhere.
          In tonight's class I had the time to notice (while I wiggled Bob Poresky sensei's arm in futility) that I was actively feeling my hips tug one way, then the other, constantly expecting to find the sweet spot in my uke's balance. Growing tired, I commented on what I was perceiving, and I was then invited to think roughly a foot behind my hips. And uke became unbalanced!

          I had way too much invested in trying to make my hips affect uke. Hips basically replaced arms, and shoulders in the sense that I was relying on muscle, even if they were new muscles made aware by my practice in aikido. I was relying and putting so much thought into the action, that I was closed to feeling everything else. My cat was all tied up!

          So, I wonder if this idea of contemplating space outside the body is the "projection of intent" that is at times referred to here and there.

          Obviously, if I began to over-focus on the intent of filling this or that empty space, my cat and I would be tied up at the next point along The Way.
          Even in moving the mind outside the body, if it is sent in one direction, it will be lacking in nine others. If the mind is not restricted to just one direction, it will be in all ten.
          Even the immovable has to keep the center line. If you move or control that line, (n.b. Not if you can, but if you do) my hunch is that you trade places with the immovable, if only for a moment.

          excerpts from- Takuan Soho, from his essay: The Mysterious Record of Immovable Wisdom.

          Monday, July 26, 2010

          International Friendship Seminar in NJ, 10/1-10/3

           10/1-10/3: International Friendship Seminar in East Hanover, NJ

          This is a link to the IFS web site. Sensei "Ed" was at the CAF gasshuku in July and gave out flyers for this Seminar. He mentioned that several top Shihan from South America and Europe as well as the US will be providing the instruction. If anyone in the Dojo is interested in going please post your name and information on the bulletin board in the Dojo.

          Check also

          Aikido International Friendship Seminar
          October 1-3, 2010

          Jorge Rojo - Chile
          Nelson Requena - Venezuela
          Wilko Vriesman - Netherlands
          Daniel Lance - France
          along with
          Greg O'Connor - USA

          to be held at and hosted by
          Aikido Centers of New Jersey

          at its headquarters dojo located at 55 Eagle Rock Ave. East Hanover, NJ 07869 

          Click below for PDFs with Seminar Info -
          Ai Seminar Flyer
          Featured Instructors
          Class Schedule
          Registration Application
          Registration Procedure
          Hotels & Local Map

          Open to all Aikidoka of levels, organizations and affiliations

          Sunday, July 18, 2010

          Home again, home again, giggity gig...

          Well, the first ever CAF Gasshuku is over and this is the last entry from your intrepid aiki blogger. For those who were unable to attend this weekend you were sorely missed but the Rochester Dojo was well represented. Everyone complemented the new logo (thanks Jen) and the atmosphere of friendship and camraderie was awesome! It really felt like we were all family. Special thanks to Sensei Goldsmith for his hospitality and to his uchi-dechi for cleaning up after all of us. TTFN ya'll...Coyote.

          Gasshuku ends like it began...

          Takaguchi Shihan managed to tie everything together in a wonderful way...just learn to connect to...yourself.

          Take the slack out of the chain...and connect.

          Bob...need I say more?

          First we hit...then we hugged...then we flicked!

          Sensei Mike when interviewed said, "Techniques are like putting on your the right order...looks good. Put your clothes on in the wrong order...looks wierd." He credits his Aiki influences to Senseis: Kamura, Takaguchi,  Chiba and Ken Cottier of the Hong Kong Aikido Association. He explained that his intent is to use his experience and put his own spin on their techniques. During his lesson he tried to show his current understanding of the Aikido that Takaguchi Shihan teaches and the qualities of his style. In Takaguchi Shihan he sees similarities with that late Tamura Sensei. His parting thought to the class was, "Not only should Aikido be fun in training, but there needs to be a conveyance of joy between uke and nage. He explained that this can be done without sacrificing the martial effect. more when you train!!!

          Sensei Colin's Aikido codes to practice by...

          When I asked Sensei Colin what her theme was she said, " Hanmi, posture, and extension." We delved into this primarily through ushiro techniques.

          1st thought of the day...connection.

          Sensei Obrecht focused on the hips and connection...he said that all practice is "research" slow down and do you homework.

          And so it begins....again!

          As you can see there are a derth of yudansha on the mat getting the kinks worked out before the first Sunday practice.

          Saturday, July 17, 2010

          Sundays CAF summer camp schedule

          8:00 am - Sensei Jaime Obrecht: Capital-Lincoln

          9:00 am - Sensei Cathy Colin: Woodstock Aikido

          10:00 am - Sensei Mike Martin: Capital Hill Aikikai

          11:00 am - Shidoin Bob Poresky: Capital-Syracuse

          12:00 pm - Shihan Clyde Takaguchi: Capital-Silver Springs

          The usual suspects.

          Well, the Rochester Pheonix Aikido club was well represented as you can see. Be sure to ask Vic about the "monster" margaritas...where are Min and Mike? the cool kid table...they weren't coooooool enough to get their picture taken by your intrepid correspondent...haha.

          The cool kid table...

          We all went to dinner at a nice local Chinese you can see all the "cool" kids got to hangout at the big table...ha!

          PS: Special thanks go to Sensei Asim for doing the leg work and heavy lifting that made this all happen...the CAF brain trust joked that he is now coordinator for life...ha!

          And now...the Timothy Leary of Aikido...

          Bill Plank!!! Why? You ask...because he blows minds!!! Today he used the most humbling martial tool of all time...the JO!!! He did a post-mortum of Takaguchi Shihan's class using the Jo to "clarify" what the core of his lesson covered. Sensei Plank defined the theme of the class as: "spirals...most people associate circles with Aikido...but circles are closed shapes...spirals are infinite...." Yeah like I said...mind blowing.

          Dave Millar Sensei...the Sensei who is always smiling.

          The theme of Sensei Millar's class was....hanmi, hanmi, hanmi. Specifically, his lesson was, in classic Capital Aikikai fashion, the ability to change hanmi with your hips without using your feet...awesome class!

          Sensei Jack Simpson

          Simpson Sensei's theme for class was and I quote " Defense against samurai on horseback with uzis"...if you can't tell he has quite the sense of humor!!! PS he's not the pretty one.

          Working plan for the afternoon practice.

          2:00 pm -Sensei Jack Simpson: Western MD

          3:00 pm - Sensei Dave Millar: Capital Aikikai

          4:00 pm - Sensei Bill Plank: Capital/Jackson Hole

          Takaguchi Shihan says...

          The theme of the second lesson was: Blending omote & ura. All I can say is "Wow!"

          1st Up: Asim Sensei

          Asim Sensei' s class focused on spacing and timing. Sensei is on the right.

          The quiet before the storm...

          The quiet stretching before the Seminar starts. There are Shihan, Sensei, sempai, and kohai everywhere...wish the whole Rochester group was here...know that all of you are here in spirit...


          Aviv Goldsmith Sensei's Dojo is a dream come to fruition. This space according to Sensei Goldsmith is the realisation of a 20 year dream. It is patterned after the Iwama Dojo in Japan and is a sustainable green building.

          Live from CAF!!!

          Here are a few pics of the Dojo.

          Wednesday, July 14, 2010

          Capital Aikikai Federation 2010 Summer Camp "Gasshuku", July 17-18

            The first annual Summer Camp of Capital Aikikai "Gasshuku"* will be held in this weekend. Enjoy!

          * Summer camp is called "Gasshuku" in Japanese.

          Wednesday, July 7, 2010

          Upcoming Seminars 2010

          We will have two upcoming seminars.

          What: Seminary by Dave Millar sensei 5th dan, Shidoin of Capital Aikikai
          When: September 18th, 19th, 2010
          Where: Capital Aikikai of Syracuse, NY
          What: Seminar by Clyde Takeguchi Shihan  7th dan, Capital Aikikai
          When: December 4th and 5th, 2010
          Where: Capital Aikikai of Syracuse, NY

          Tuesday, July 6, 2010

          Back to normal schedule

          Class schedule got back to regular time. Join training!

          Thursday, July 1, 2010

          This weekend

          No official class Friday thru Monday, but a few forks are planning to go to the dojo Friday 5:30pm. 
          Check in with Sherry if you are interested in attending.

          Happy Holiday,