Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home again, home again, giggity gig...

Well, the first ever CAF Gasshuku is over and this is the last entry from your intrepid aiki blogger. For those who were unable to attend this weekend you were sorely missed but the Rochester Dojo was well represented. Everyone complemented the new logo (thanks Jen) and the atmosphere of friendship and camraderie was awesome! It really felt like we were all family. Special thanks to Sensei Goldsmith for his hospitality and to his uchi-dechi for cleaning up after all of us. TTFN ya'll...Coyote.

Gasshuku ends like it began...

Takaguchi Shihan managed to tie everything together in a wonderful way...just learn to connect to...yourself.

Take the slack out of the chain...and connect.

Bob...need I say more?

First we hit...then we hugged...then we flicked!

Sensei Mike when interviewed said, "Techniques are like putting on your the right order...looks good. Put your clothes on in the wrong order...looks wierd." He credits his Aiki influences to Senseis: Kamura, Takaguchi,  Chiba and Ken Cottier of the Hong Kong Aikido Association. He explained that his intent is to use his experience and put his own spin on their techniques. During his lesson he tried to show his current understanding of the Aikido that Takaguchi Shihan teaches and the qualities of his style. In Takaguchi Shihan he sees similarities with that late Tamura Sensei. His parting thought to the class was, "Not only should Aikido be fun in training, but there needs to be a conveyance of joy between uke and nage. He explained that this can be done without sacrificing the martial effect. more when you train!!!

Sensei Colin's Aikido codes to practice by...

When I asked Sensei Colin what her theme was she said, " Hanmi, posture, and extension." We delved into this primarily through ushiro techniques.

1st thought of the day...connection.

Sensei Obrecht focused on the hips and connection...he said that all practice is "research" slow down and do you homework.

And so it begins....again!

As you can see there are a derth of yudansha on the mat getting the kinks worked out before the first Sunday practice.