Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial day weekend training

  We had many students showed up in memorial day weekend training today. We trained Koshinage and other techniques in warm and nice day. Obviously we sweat a lot compare to the last week.

 Next Sunday, we will have moving of our Dojo to 2nd floor of same building after the regular class. Vic will try to finish construction this week and hopefully, we will fill up floor by Tatami mat Sunday. We need help of as many people as we have. So if you have time next Sunday around 1pm, come and join! Even if you cannot make training, we appreciate for your help for the moving after the class. Note we will have regular class next sunday (both youth and adult classes) as usual. It will be the last training at current space.

Rochester Phoenix Aikido club

Dojo Moving Date

Rochester Phoenix Aikido club is moving next weekend. The moving date is scheduled on Sun June 3rd, 2011. We will carry all TATAMI mat downstair after the regular class. Any help would be appreciated. We will start the work around 1pm.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Testing in Youth Class

 We had grade testing in Youth class last Sunday. All did great job. They are graded on White, 3 Yellow belt+, Orange+, Green, Green+, and Brown. Congratulations!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dojo is moving this summer

  Rochester Phoenix Aikido Club is going to move to 2nd floor of the building. We currently locate on 3rd floor, 34 Elton, going to move 2nd floor by end of May, 2011. The new place will be approximately twice as big as current space so that we will be able to have more people to train in a class. Actual moving date will be May 29th. We will settle all TATAMI mat down in 2nd floor. Welcome to help us for the moving.

Note: Construction takes more, so that we will move this summer but not clear yet.

New Dojo space. More windows, more space.
High enough ceiling so that you can train weapons.

Changing room. But there are no walls so far, 
just frames are left since previous lease holder took
all the woods out.
It will be covered by walls before moving.

Heating system.

Vic standing at entrance