Sunday, October 24, 2010

Date Changed: Bob Poresky Sensei's class on November 2010

Note: Date of Poresky sensei's class has changed

Bob Poresky sensei will be back Sunday, 21th on November.

Instructor: Bob Poresky Sensei, 4th dan, Chief Instructor of Capital Aikikai of Syracuse
When: November 21th, 2010, Class will start 11:00AM till 1:00PM
Where: Rochester Phoenix Aikido Club

Anyone is welcome to attend the class

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hotel information for Seminar in Syracuse (Clyde Takeguchi Shihan)

Hotel information for Seminar in Syracuse(Clyde Takeguchi Shihan) is follows:
Hampton Inn & Suites
3017 Erie Boulevard East
Syracuse, NY 13224
Web site: (type in Syracuse, New York)
The rate is $109/night plus tax and service (13%) – total = $123.17/night
Includes: the usual fitness / pool and free breakfast

Call 315 – 373 – 0333 for reservations and reference AIKIDO or Capital AIKIKAI special room rate (they are reserving 10 rooms at that rate – standard rate is $139 to $159 plus)

The hotel is about 3 miles from the Capital Aikikai of Syracuse Dojo (Dojo Location is here) –

Any questions:
Bob Poresky, Chief instructor of Capital Aikikai of Syracuse

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday class (Poresky sensei's class / Kids class)

  Over 20 people attended Bob Poresky Sensei's class. He mainly focused on off-balancing by subtle movement of Hanmi posture. The most interest and difficult technique was Katadori iriminage with the off-balancing movement.  Once you get this technique, it can be applied any techniques. The movement was subtle, but affect a lot.

  In youth class, all kids attended. In half of the class, they all trained together and split two groups in the other half of the class. At the end of the class, they played sward game.

  Pictures are updated here.

Children were enjoying Ukemi(rolling, a pic above), Kokyuho, Ikkyo and games. Their Ukemi is getting improved a lot.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bob Poresky sensei's class next Sunday

Bob Poresky sensei will be in regular Class next Sunday.

Class will start at 11:00 am till 1:00pm
 at Rochester Phoenix Aikido Club

Anyone is welcome to join the class!
 (Pics from recent Poresky sensei's class)

Sunday kids class

Today, we did some new exercises and techniques in kids class. All students did back roll Ukemi exercise very well. Balancing, centering, controlling space give good idea to develop techniques. We all enjoyed.

Get idea from Kaeshi waza

  Practicing particular technique is not good enough to understand the principle of the technique. Sometimes  training Kaeshi-waza (Reversed technique) gives you a good clue. We trained Sankyo and Sankyo kaeshiwaza in today's class.You will find what is missing in your technique by training the reversed technique.