Saturday, May 22, 2010

Syracuse or Bust !!!

For those of you that were unable to attend this months Saturday seminar with Shidoin Poresky, rest assured that the Rochester Phoenix Aikido Club was well represented. In fact, there was a surprise appearance by Tom who had a prior commitment but was able to carve some time out of his hectic schedule to get some extra training in with Sensei Poresky. From the look in his eye I'd say we might even see a few things added to Monday and Friday practices. The lesson today centered predominantly around Henka waza and Kaeshi waza. Todays lesson made me appreciate how much effort Sensei Williams...sorry...Vic and the other instructors have put into helping all of us improve our attacks and Ukemi. Ukemi means literally, "receiving [with/through] the body". I would add, through the lens of today's training, that we are then better prepared to flow and redirect that energy from any situation even one of perceived weakness.