Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday August 21th, Outside weapon training and BBQ

We will have outside weapon training and BBQ this coming Saturday. Map is provided by Tom. Please check the desk in Dojo.

Saturday August 21th, Outside weapon training and BBQ at lake (Check in with Tom if you are interested in attending.). 

Weapon training will start at 1PM till 3PM (Check location on map).
BBQ will start at 4 PM

 (Pictures from Weapon training in 2009)

Testing and BBQ on Sunday was fun

  We had Sensei Bob's class yesterday. Over 20 people attended the class. At the end of the class, we had testing. In total, 7 student had testing. 2 for 5th kyu, 2 had 4th kyu and 1 had 3rd kyu. Another 2 had 1st kyu testing. Everyone did good job and it was awesome testing. Congratulations for all of them!

  In Afternoon, we got all together at Vic's place to have BBQ party. His new place is so beautiful and we enjoyed talking and eating a lot. Thanks Vic for organize the party.  

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