Thursday, July 29, 2010

Upcoming event in this Summer

We have Three upcoming events in this summer.

  • August 17th-20th, Youth class Aikido Summer Camp (More information will be provided by Vic).          
  • If you are interested in attending, contact by August 4th.
  • Camp will take place in Pittsford.                
  • Those attending should arrive after 8am and be picked up by 5pm. 
  • Children should bring Lunch and snacks.
  • Activities will include Aikido, Japanese sword, yoga and games.
  • Children will be supervised by Vic Williams and Two other instructors.
  • Cost $120 for all four days or $35 per day.
     (Pictures from Youth class in 2010)
    • Sunday August 15th, Kyu Testing and BBQ at Rochester Phoenix Aikido Club. Bob Poresky sensei will be in Class. (More information will be provided by Vic).   

      •  Saturday August 21th, Outside weapon training and BBQ at lake (Check in with Tom if you are interested in attending.).  
       (Pictures from Weapon training in 2009)